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Purpose Statement The primary purpose of Event Scooter Hire is to provide to people with limited mobility, at large events, the most efficient and professional provision of mobility hire services available anywhere at the 'best value for money' price possible.

What we offer Do you have difficulty walking distances? Most larger events such as agricultural field days, swap meets, expos and royal shows involve a sizeable amount of walking, usually several kilometres. Even a reasonably fit person would struggle to walk the entire distance at many large events. Event Scooter Hire has the solution to ensure you see the entire event comfortably and safely. Gone are the days that you miss out on seeing everything because you are not able to walk the distance. Hire a scooter and see it all!

Our Hire fleet fleet of one hundred and thirty four quality late model, Merits and Afikim mobility scooters have extensive battery capacity and independent suspension to ensure comfortable and reliable performance all day. At selected events such as Sydney Royal Easter Show and Wings Over Illawarra Airshow we also provide wheelchairs and strollers. The quality of Event Scooter Hire's mobility equipment is generally recognised as being without peer. The owners boast that in over a decade of hiring mobility scooters at events, that they have never ever pushed a mobility scooter home with a failed battery. Very few others, if any, can make that same claim. Yet the answer is simple, maintain a quality fleet of heavy duty larger mobility scooters with large battery capacity, and charge them well overnight with 'state of the art' chargers. A commercial enterprise calls for commercial grade equipment, a cut above the mobility scooters you may see being used around your local shopping centre. Quality counts! After all, 'Customer Satisfaction' is what all business's are judged by.

Which Events are our Services available at? Event Scooter Hire attend major Agricultural Field Days, Expos, Royal Shows and other large events across Eastern and Southern Australia for the sole purpose of providing mobility options to visitors at the event. If you are attending a particular event and need a mobility scooter to make getting around larger venues easier, from the HOME page simply click on the icon for the particular event you are attending and follow the prompts to complete the booking.

Who are we? Event Scooter Hire is owned and operated by Gordon Moore and partner Louise from their base at Wagga Wagga in Southern New South Wales. Having operated a large mobility store at Wagga Wagga for twelve years from 2006 to 2018, the event hire business evolved from supplying a handful of scooters to clients at Henty Machinery Field Days a decade ago to today being a specialist mobility hire business at large events across the eastern states and South Australia. 

NDIS Event Scooter Hire are registered NDIS Providers. The NDIS Provider Number is 4050007168.

Event Organisers - If you have an event over an extensive area, and require a Mobility Provider to provide a minimum of 30 and up to 130 (or more) mobility scooters on each day of your event, phone Gordon Moore on 0428 694 335.