How do I book a scooter or other item of mobility equipment?  From the Home page, select the event you are attending by clicking on the event's logo, you will then be prompted to select the day you are attending, and finally the type of mobility equipment you wish to hire.

Do I have to pay online when I book? At many Agricultural Field Days, you have the option of paying online at time of booking or pay on the day when you pick up your scooter. Paying online will save time for yourself, our staff and the people standing behind you in the queue. At Sydney Royal Easter Show and other Royal Shows, payment is required at time of booking.

Do I have to book? Booking is not mandatory. You may prefer to simply turn up on the day and hire your scooter on the spot. Whilst we cannot guarantee availability, we endeavour to predict demand, and project to have enough equipment available for hire to meet demand on any given day.

What if I am left handed? If you are left handed, please advise us and we will electronically transpose the controls for you (only Merits scooters can be readily converted to left hand - not our Aficooter S Premium Doubles). Just advise us as you pick up your scooter at our site if you require left handed operation.

Can I carry my walking stick or crutches? If you use a walking cane or crutches, just ask us as you check in at the event to fit a cane holder to your hire scooter.

How long do I have the use of the scooter or other item of mobility equipment for? Unless otherwise stated, the use of the scooter is yours for the day, from when you arrive to when you go home. 

General enquiries can be directed to Gordon Moore on 0428 694 335. Please note that mobile phone reception is often poor during, and whilst travelling to and from various events. Mobile phone network capability may be limited at some field day sites due to high usage, particularly during the actual days of the event, so it may be prudent to make any enquiries well ahead of the actual days of the event. If you intend to make a booking, please do so online, providing you with a record of your booking.