1. The hire of a mobility scooter is only available to persons with limited or restricted mobility ie a person who is not capable of walking large distances due to a medical condition, an injury, advancing age, pregnancy or obesity.

2. The hire of a mobility scooter is specifically for the personal use of the hirer and must not be operated by any other person. (The only exception is a carer or companion over 18 years of age who is picking up or returning the scooter on behalf of the Hirer)

3. It is the responsibility of the Hirer to ensure the safety of other persons, particularly in crowded areas. Site speed limits must be strictly adhered to.

4. One person only can be carried on a single seat scooter and a maximum of two persons can be carried on a double seat scooter.

5. Armrests must be down, and users must be wholly on the mobility scooter at all times, whilst in motion.

6. Joyriding, operation by children and other unsafe, dangerous or irresponsible behaviour will result in confiscation of the scooter and no refund of hire charges will be made.

EVENT SCOOTER HIRE and the organisers of this event care about the safety of our customers and the safety of the general public. We ask your assistance in achieving this.